Mitchell Fun Servers - Official Thread!

** About Us **
Mitchell Fun Servers Is a Set of server for plain Old Fun. Maybe its role playing or just building. There is no goal other then to have fun with other people. We have rules. We have the necessity. We also Run on our own Dedicated server I run at my house!

** Rules **
~No being rude to others. (Trolling)
~No breaking peoples things.
~Follow RP Rules (If Any).
~No Random Killing.
~No Minge.

** Staff Members **
(To keep it all together)
Owner: Mitchell
Server Roots: Jake, Sam, Macaulay

Just Find Us in the M section of the Server List. Or Connect to

NOTICE: Server is offline at the moment.

Could you perhaps update the OP with more information + perhaps some sreenshots? What addons do you have?




You got most of it right this time around, but you should use the direct link (blablabla.jpg).

You didnt really just try and link to a local file did you?

:lol: I think he did. :byodood: