Mixamo Fuse -> GMOD Download Option WIP Test characters

Hello all,
I’m one of the developers of the character creator, Mixamo Fuse. I’m not posting to pitch the software, just looking to get some feedback. I’m working on an automated system so people can download a pre-compiled Garry’s mod ragdoll.
We may try for npcs or playermodels in the future, but that seems like it has some hefty minimum requirements animation-wise and will take further development. I see a bunch of ragdoll models in the workshop, so I think it will make a nice first-time entry for a Fuse->GMOD download option.

I’ll leave this up on dropbox for a few days:

To get the addon to show up:
-drop it in …GarrysMod\garrysmod\addons
-in the workshop, subscribe to Extended Spawnmenu Addon
-the ragdolls should now be spawnable from addons/legacy addons/Mixamo Fuse Characters

A couple specific questions for the GMOD-addon-knowledgable folks out there:
-Is there a way around needing the Extended Spawnmenu Addon for custom addons not from the workshop?
-If users put a character on the workshop, will having all the base folders named Mixamo Fuse Characters conflict, or should it nicely place all downloaded fuse chars in the same location?

Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for your time.

As long as the folders aren’t capitalized then you should be good to go. You can have ragdolls show up in the spawn menu with minimal lua. I will upload an example later.

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After browsing the document, you have multiple Capitals.
If you want this to be compatible with gmod(specificaly if you ever want linux users to see the models) you will have to use all lowercase.

interesting. Is that just for the main addon folder, or all folder names in the structure?

All of them, pretty sure you wont be able to upload it to the workshop when you have capitals.

Technically you don’t need all lower case. The problem lies in that Linux is case sensitive so if you have Path/To/My/Model.mdl in the script, and the literal path is path/to/my/model.mdl then you’ll run in to issues.

If the literal path is Path/To/My/Model.mdl then you won’t have any issues. However on *nix it’s fairly standard to lowercase where possible for sanity sake.

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Took a look at the files and yeah, you have inconsistent names where case sensitivity is involved. You’ll want to clean that up a tad (ideally all lowecase). Keep in mind if you ever ported your application to *nix (given you seem to support OSX at the moment) it’d be easier in the long run to have this as default.

If being consistent is enough, I’d rather hold off on lower()-ing everything. I dont care so much about the intermediary folders, but when possible I’d like to preserve a user’s character naming - especially for things like CamelCasing that can get unwieldy if lower()-ed. Of course (having it work > user’s original name) if it comes to it.

Adding the correct exact path will be cake (as long as it can be a relative path) since all the paths are variables to me while I’m creating all of this.

Kila, I’d love to see that example lua when you get the chance. Not needing to point people to that addon would be really nice.