Mixamo Rig

Hello, so, I have a question can we use mixamo rigs(Mixamo) and animations for S&Box playersmodels?

Maybe this is a stupid question, sorry for that.

Looks like Mixamo just exports a model format such as fbx so it should absolutely work for S&box. There are no stupid questions, only repeat ones, and this definetely hasn’t been asked before. No worries!


If you can use Mixamo for playermodels, it will be very cool, because you can make good automatic rigs and take good animations from there. @Dreamplay But I still have some doubts, because the skeleton from Mixamo looks strange and unusual to me. I will attach a screenshot for example.image

It won’t work with default Sbox animations since default sbox uses valve’s rig format(from what I know) but if you’re using custom animations anything should work.


It would be nice! Hopefully I’ll figure out how to do custom animations in the future.

You may have to retarget a lot of bones, but you should be able to at least get something.

I’m pretty sure there is no default s&box rig, for sure it wouldn’t be the valve biped because Garry doesn’t have the rights to ship the game with that rig, and for the tub model, its probably all custom because that thing needs some seriously odd animations. Hopefully a standard rig with standard animations would be shipped (potentially the rust rig would be used as the standard) but it’s possible he’ll want people to make their own animations rather than everything being the same (using the valve biped) in Garry’s Mod.

Honestly I think using mixamo is a great choice early on for learning how to using the anim graph and model doc.

Mixamo works with & adapts to most humanoid skeletons - including the one used for Terry - so it’s just a matter of importing it into s&box itself