Mixing up characters tutorial

I am going to show you how to swap around characters heads etc, this is quite useful for images and maybe even movies.
It only takes 5 minutes and only requires the inflator tool, the no-colide tool and if you really want, the weld tool, So no downloads needed :slight_smile: .

Ok so lets get started

** Step One ** : To start off you will need to choose what characters you want to use, as an example i will be using the G-Man and Barney.


** Step Two ** : Next you will need to strongly pose the main characters body : doing so like in the image below is fine :


** Step Three ** : Now get out you’re inflator and deflate the main characters head.


** Step Four ** : Next deflate all the parts of the other character except its head.


** Step Five ** : Next get out you’re no-colide tool and no-colide both of you’re characters.

** Step Six ** : Now just simply slot you’re characters together. : please note at first go this will take some tweaking :


Thats it, but why stop there there are countless methods of mixing and you can do it with multiple amounts of characters all at the same time.


Also if you have a decent accuracy with the tool gun then get out you’re weld tool and weld the two characters together, this is useful for movies.

P.S - I am aware that this is no-where near as hard or as professional as actual modeling so please do not flame me on that, i only made this as a fun and quick in-game ragdolling tutorial

Any problems or questions then please ask.

If you could make a video and put it on www.Youtube.com or www.Facepunch.com that could be nice:)
And with some funny music xD

Sure i’ll work on it and thank you for showing some interest.

How about you use a good image host. (aka not imageshit)

Sorry its my first time posting images like this.


Thanks wiz, appreciated

i thought this was hilarious especially the last picture with Barney and G-Man with Barney body and G-Man head and arm. LOL

Why did you quote the OP?

Hehe :slight_smile:

Yeah i wondered why he did that, but i was just showing you that you can go further than just head swapping.