Mjolnir T2 - Covert OP class frigate, GMOD/SBEP

Hey man! Me and my friend started working on a spacecraft - Mjolnir T2 frigate. It is supposed to be a covert op stealth bomber (torpedoes and stuff) with fully working/functioning interior. So far we’ve sorted out the main construction of exterior and interior. Parent tool is doing wonders.
Using original gmod/sbep props, wiremod.
NOTE: this project is in ALPHA stage

To do list:

*****Interior decoration
*****Primary systems
*****Secondary systems
*****Functioning engines
*****Life support
*****Torpedo launcher
*****Backup gun-turret
*****Ground probe (launched from the probe hangar, see the screenshots below)
*****Other electronics, computers 'n stuff (an ass of wiring)
*****Balance and parent :slight_smile:

I will keep this thread updated of our progress with the spacecraft, if anyone is interested.

Now for the screenshots…

  1. This is a base side view, to show you what’s going on, I’m going to post other screenshots in links to save some space.

Front exterior
Rear exterior
Bottom exterior
Top exterior

Soon. (Interior frame is all done, I am just too tired to take photos right now, tomorrow maybe?)

Could you make a normal prop version, or make a map version for the interior, please?

Very ambitious project, man. Looks cool.

However, this does need to be in the modelling section, not screenshots.

Thanks for comments…

@AFewOstriches: I don’t get it man, since there is no “contraption” section, where else should this be? I mean this is not a model put into game, this is a spaceship consisting of so far 130 ± various props, also I noticed contraptions entirely vanished from gmod forums, I’m really confused…

@MrStevenWolfe: If you’re asking one-prop model of the ship, I can’t help you, and about mapping the interior, we’ll see about that in future…

That is unbelievably neat.

Oh, I was under the assumption this was a vehicle that was going to be released, not a ‘contraption’. Yah, in that case post it wherever.

Uhmm, sorry, I wasn’t very clear. Have you seen some of theMass Effect ports? how they have the different scales of the exterior of the ship? That’s what I meant. Something about half the size of the actual thing, or many different sizes, so you could do skybox poses, or have a model ship on someone’s desk.

When I said make a map of the interior, I meant making an actual map of the interior (“gm_MjolnirFrigate”, I dunno), so you could get everything you might want into it, like a hangar, command deck, crew quarters, mess hall, cargo bay, etc. The best examples of what I mean for detailed interiors is theUSS Mirage Beta or the Sky Invader.

I really like where you’re going with your frigate, but I think your limiting yourself by just using gmod/sbep props and wiremod.
Also, contraptions tend to spontaneously combust when some idiot with a phys gun is left to their own devices. That’s probably why they aren’t very popular anymore.

I see now, well, none of that is in my powers, and I wouldn’t like it that way, when we got gmod (me and my friend), we just said to ourselves " let’s construct a real spaceship " because that is what is fascinating us the most… contruct a real spaceship inside gmod, and then make it fly, wire the electronics, and such… we downloaded SBEP/SB because it’s the most popular sci-fi like addon for gmod and supposed most of the sci-fi fans in gmod would certainly have it installed… We don’t want to use any other model packs because there is a chance that if we brought this ship on a server, for some players it wouldn’t be displayed correctly…

And, by the way… there already is “a hangar, command deck, crew quarters, mess hall, …” you just haven’t seen it :slight_smile:
As I said, this ship has fully interactive interior, it may not be decorated yet, but it was rethought and redesigned fifty times before we were happy with the outcome, there’s far more space in it than you could expect :slight_smile:

And about contraptions, I think it is fine when you perform a “quality parent” ? We tried doing so on an earlier version of our ship which included 200 props (yes we managed to cut down to 130 props and make it actually look better ) and it went just fine without any lag, the parented ship did not make any unpredictable movements or spazzing, we even installed gyropod and tried flying it, and hell I say, with some additional calibrating it went ass-fine :slight_smile:

Oh, good, you do have a serious vision for your project. Well shoot, now I’m curious as to what the final product will be. Can’t wait to see more!