MK HUD:cool:**
This my first publical hud!**


It’s not bad for a first HUD to be honest, but there’s a few things I dislike;

  1. Your health and armour bars would benefit from using the lerp function, found here:

Lerp When the value of either bar changes, you can see the bar snap to its new value. Lerping the values would result in a gradual change

  1. The colours used are very bright and harsh on the eyes. You should use some nicer colours, personally I use this website; but there are plenty of other ones

  2. There are a few mistakes in your code, for example;
    Calling ‘surface.GetTextureID’ every frame here; Instead you should only call that function once, outside of your HUDPaint hook

You are not formatting your money string correctly here: instead you should use this DarkRP function:

Your file is placed in lua/autorun, why would you not place it in lua/autorun/client since it’s a client-only HUD? Then you wouldn’t have to do checks like this:

  1. I understand that you’re proud of your work, but does it really warrant a bunch of obnoxious prints like this;

I mean, almost half of your HUD is taken from DarkRP ( Hiding default elements, Agenda, etc ) and also the Garry’s Mod Wiki ( draw.Circle function ), so maybe relax on the prints?

Overall I think it’s pretty decent and I think you should continue to work on it, as well as Lua and coding practices in general. If you decide to publicly release more scripts, perhaps work on your indentation since it’s very inconsistent. Also, this is an English forum so I would probably showcase and comment your code in English