Mk IV - A Revolutionary Tank!

It’s a damn Panzer MkIV Ausf!

It looks better armorless IMO, but no ones rly made one with the armor plates so there.

Karbine… your turn :wink:

F***ing really?


Decided to show my Tiger I.

Sum pics without retarded armor plating?..

Your wheel area sucks.

Not much of a revolution compared to the other tank…

Oh and that cannon…

Can it aim while driving?

Can it fire exactly when you tell it to?

Duh Kp3. and mabeh InoU

Does it only fire when aiming at stuff?



But to be serious, It’s pretty good i think.

I like the suspension, not too stiff, and not to soft either.
Good job.

If I didn’t know that the title was a meme, I’d come in here and bash you and your fucktaction :3:

I think it looks horrible. I dunno. owait yeah I do.

Isn’t this the tank that stopped working after a glancing hit with an HVR on my server?

To be honest the armor plating is the only thing I like and it’s the only thing on this contraption that looks like a Panzer IV part. The rest is completely off, even though it seems to function okay.

You sir, are wrong.

FP has never produced a meme.

Also, WTF do you mean it looks nothing like the original? Here be a pic yo

Those wheels are all wrong…

It’s a train tank I’m guessing.