MK vs DC Wonder Women and FFX Lulu

Wonder Women, Lulu Ragdoll/Npc/player

If your here because you want them too then good luck searching, all the current links are dead and wont be updated due to Im not gonna say. I know theres atleast (2) persons who own these models and probaly more around here since we have so many members left and right. The (2) persons that I contacted were either just ignorant or too selfesh to share, I didnt even get a response :frowning:

Wonder Women might be new idk but Lulu is old news, if anyone is kind enough to share and re-upload them Id gladly return the favor someday.


This came from here:

There are a few other ports done by that author as well.

Thanks but maybe I wasnt clear, I meant to request the (2) models Wonder Women and Lulu ragdoll, npc, player that was already compiled for gmod.

I found Wonder Woman ported to gmod here you go:

i can’t seem to find the other one


He wants a playermodel, read his post jesus christ.

Its all good, I can appreciate any helpful members. Im just not surprised there are so many rude and kiddish gmod members.

Now heres a helping fellow. Ive searched all over, how did you manage to find her? If you need anything that I can help you with, Im there.

Thank You, and I meant it.

If anyone has a copy of FFX Lulu ragdoll, npc, player please do share the wealth. Id do the same, besides whats the point in keeping it to yourselves right?

Wait, was Lulu the one with the clothes that defied physics and more belts than is legal? I think I might have that one on my backup drive.

thats probaly the one buddy. Id appreciate it if you could re-upload her somewhere. many will be happy as well.

edit: “the search is over ;)”