[ML] XTREME PVP Kits - Canada - M4 - Sleepers - Instacraft - Adult Admins - Airdrops - Econ - Doorshare



Rust Xtreme PvP provides players with a fast paced PvP environment. You spawn automatically in with an M4, MP5A4, Cloth Armor, Food, Medkits, and a Hatchet. Your gear will be automatically equipped to help you get going faster and get into the action quicker. When you die you will be given a new set of guns and gear to travel with and continue in your PvP frenzy!

The server has 200 slots with active players and admins, we have a /report plugin for players to report hackers to our admins online, we support voting for rewards on the server. The admins run PvP arena events and airdrop events for players.

Current Voting Rewards:
250 Wood
250 Metal Fragments
100 Paper - /sell Paper 100 - Ingame currency
Leather Gear Set

Airdrops currently set @ 40, every 30 minutes random location
Last Wipe: 4/07

The current plugins consist of:
Sleepers Enabled
No Durability
Bushy Economy
Bushy Coin Store
/kills - Toggle kills on and off
Starter Guns

Staff applications, forums, website at:

Teamspeak Info: Feel free to contact our Rust staff here

For any server inquiries or issues contact me (Dedicated_Blade)

Current Staff Listing:
Owner: Dedicated_Blade
Admins: Xariuz, Scribbles
Moderators: Ru1ns, Jac
Helpers: Batman Fan #1, Mr. Evil

Rules and Regulations

  1. Teamspeak info: MYRMIDONTS.ORG
  2. Please respect staff members at all times
  3. Please use some sense of respect towards players
  4. No offensive/pornagraphic material at any time
  5. No racism/sexism in chat/voice chat
  6. No excessive voice chat spam/music over voice chat
  7. Cheating will not be tolerated here period
  8. Spam/Advertising/CAPSLOCK will not be tolerated
  9. Please limit your buildings to 10 stories
  10. Staff - Do not harrass us, or ask us to spawn in things, or ask to become staff
  11. Staff impersonation will get you banned
  12. If something is not listed, please contact an admin for questions
  13. Contact Dedicated_Blade or any staff member if you have an issue
  14. Please refrain from calling out hackers in chat. Use our /report system

Nice server to hone gunplay on, autoloads your guns too

Thanks kirbies <3 :slight_smile: I do appreciate it. Yeah having your guns fully loaded, attachments on the guns, and armor already equipped is super nice! It definitely allows you to just jump right into the action!

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Coupon: RustyFree

Coupon for 50% of package in our donator shop: RustySpoon - 20 free coupons remaining, first come first serve, this coupon works on all donator packages

Coupon: RustySpoon

We are currently looking for staff members to apply.

We setup a simple google drive form so we can keep track of submissions. Thank you.

We started doing Rust events. Show in the video here.

Server update: We also added in groups today due to players wanting Friendly Fire protection and group capabilities.

4/24 UPDATE - NEW WIPING SYSTEM!: We setup a system so we no longer have to wipe the server weekly again! Wipes are now a thing of the past! Contact an admin ingame for more information if you have any questions. Or see /help wipe ingame!

New video guide to help players get started

Today we finished our stats plugin so now stats are live on the server!

Rebuilt the arena today, and cleaned out stats, planning on a full map wipe for the 11th to give everyone a fresh start

Did an early wipe for all those weekend gamers, we are in the process of rebuilding the arena, hired more staff members and continue to beat down the hackers with the hammer of justice!