MLP food items

I know about the characters and the two TF2 maps. But has anyone made the food items shown in almost every episode of MLP:FIM? Like that green frosted cupcake with the apple on it, or zap apple jam, or cider, or anything Pinkie Pie/Applejack makes really…

Like these:

I thought you were done with facepunch?

Let’s post ponies on facepunch! What could possibly go wrong.

Also any mod reading this, this needs to be moved. No, not to the TF2 section. I was thinking of drop dead threads, actually.

Not even Drop Dead Threads would even like the fact that there is a thread involving Cupcakes and LSD

Ponies + FacePunch =

Haters gonna hate.

(User was banned for this post ("Image Macro" - Craptasket))

This thread is pure win.