MLP Player Models

Hi! I’m pretty new here… My request (I am on the wrong page for player models?) is player models for the MLP ragdolls on toybox:
Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twlight Sparkle, Rarity, and Pinkie Pie.
Plz? Thx!

Well unless you want to use the Eppaljeck models, I’m not sure if its possible. Playermodels have to use the Valve skeleton, so it wouldn’t support the four legged ponies.


People here hate MLP with a passion.

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Those models would require totally new animations. and given the subjet matter, you’d be better off asking here:

I’m not sure if this is true but can’t you be banned for requesting pony models?

Hey guys, here’s rules related to MLP stuff! I got them from Know Your Meme

-Keep all MLP related content within the current largest MLP thread
-Actually discuss the show
-Ignore any threads speaking negatively about the show

-Post any MLP material in any thread not explicitly about MLP (reaction images, avatars, macros, quotes, phrases such as everypony/brony/etc)
-Post threads to speak negatively about MLP or reply to threads speaking negatively about MLP
-Post any MLP material on other boards
-Bump MLP threads just to keep them bumped
-Report MLP threads where users are staying in one thread

These rules are in place for the meantime and we’ll make adjustments as we see how everything goes. Abuse will result in bans.

He or/she is not requesting for models of MLP, as they’ve been already done. He or/she’s simply asking for playermodels, but I don’t understand how that’ll work.

Then I guess he/she or (s)he is asking for MLP models with player animations, such as those of HL2: DM

The best we could do in that case is use those… weird TF2 MLP Models, which is the most possible for playermodels, although a little creepy.

Those aren’t Face Punch’s rules.

the ponies are quadripedal, can’t be done, sorry

Just start up Gmod 13, Browse workshop, type in “pony” on the search bar, and these should be there. That’s assuming you’re still interested, which you’re probably not being this is almost a year later.

I just realized that playermodels don’t need Valve skeleton to be usable as playermodels (except for bones, in case of weapons)! They just need the animations to be the same ACT_HL2MP_#animation as used by Half Life 2 Multiplayer (ex. HL2 DM and mods)

good job

Why not use the Pony pills, since they almost act like Playermodels with original movesets.