MMD Frozen models to Gmod
Hey I’m a huge faggot and actually liked this movie and was wondering if anyone was willing to port these into gmod so it can be just like my japanese anime’s

I hope you’re wanting playermodels because it looks like that thing is going to need to be re-rigged either way. It has way too many bones and physics joints for Source.

I wouldn’t mind if the physics get dumbed down.

Shameful bump Anyone considering this? I’ll give you a Gary Coleman steam card [sp]only bump I’ll let this die[/sp]

Ask this guy for it I guess.

I wonder if someone will ask Disney for the models :v:

Dude, Non foil trading cards are worth a little. Doing all this work for a cent ?

[sp]it was more of a joke then anything[/sp]

A ton of threads requesting for this.

Still no models compiled.
The feels.

I’ll work on the Infinity port tonight