MMD into Garry's Mod

Hi, I’m Gabriel and I whant some help with porting mmd models into Garry’s Mod.
I whant to now the requerments, and how to opperate the models?

providing a little background info would be cool too

It all depends on what entirely you’re trying to do. The MMD programs utilize the “PMD” and “PMX” files for their models.

You can import PMD and PMX into blender, but apparently some of the plugins aren’t as great as they could be, resulting in some truncated features such as expressions or oversized files.

3DS Max has a plugin you can get here for PMD files. This should work fine for you as long as you don’t need PMX files, since those aren’t yet supported. The author of this plugin has thought about making a PMX importer, but he hasn’t confirmed anything yet, so that may not be an option yet.

Other than that, the rest is just rigging. If you know that much, you should be good to go. If you don’t, most of it is probably just experience and such, but here’s a basic tutorial from the same author of the 3ds max plugins.

thank you my friend I will keep in touch with it.

you know, if you going to work on mmd to gmod, this one website i know has lots of mmd models that you can see and think of bringing to gmod.

thank you mate, before to go on mmd models I have to learn to make the collision I’m working with wallworm I must atleast finish these

oh np dude, and i did not know you were working on something eles.

no worries mate, I can delay some of my projects intill I wil go for mmd models.
mmd, then C&c models, and maybe I will for some crap from my head.

lol its ok dude, you can work on your models and then when you ready for mmd, then see the website i gave you and you can ask for which models that person wants. like request a model.

Thanks mate, Respect.

you welcome dude. bro fist

you can add me on D.A.