MMD Kantai Collection Model

I’d really like for this Mutsu Model to be made ragdolls for Garry’s Mod.
They are .pmx models but there are ways to import them into blender/3DS max/Cinema 4D.

Here are the model:
Be sure not use the one with the umbrella!



Ease up on the bumping, it hasn’t even been a full day. Give it a few days at best, and then consider bumping if you haven’t gotten any responses.


I’ll try and take a crack at it…


Please give me updates, I noticed you are using blender which I tried to use (I’m still new to Blender)
and I can’t figure out how to see the textures or add them if they aren’t on already. Help?

Got it work, but I got this problem:

The skin is like that, but the sock part (same texture) is there

I’m having troubles with the Textures as well, just try and load them all on there. it should work…

For what it’s worth I’m interested in where this will go. More MMD porting is fine by me. Hope to see some progress.


Forgot to save and had a blue screen :c Back to square one


It’s ok though, take yoru time!


Not a lot of people here are into “Kawaii models” so it thinks it will take quite a while to get people to port models from MMD.Also MMD models makers are pretty protected about their models, so we got to be a bit careful when we port their models and use them.

alright, thanks for the heads up also!



Let me try…

Edit : mm i think me failed :C
Edit2 : i think i failed to export the scene in blender to 3ds max without leaving the bones and/or destroying the mesh. is there any alternatives to import the scene to max and retaining all of it from blender?

I personally use 3ds max for all of my work, but as it doesn’t have a PMX importer, I import pmx files into blender and export them out as an fbx for max just the same always does destroy the bones and rig which I’ve learned to just rebuild (primarily because I need them as playermodels anyway). Unless a pmx importer for 3ds max pops up, you’re probably just going to need to re-rig it yourself although you’d most likely have to anyway. Models from MMD often surpass GMod’s bone limit by far. The last model I imported had 4334 entities and GMod’s limit is 128 and I am still trying to work it down from 94k polygons so it’s more appropriate for a real-time game.

now that you mentioned it, i think there’s actually a way through the PMD editor itself…

from blender to 3ds, i dont use fbx anymore since its always the blender exporter that has problems with it.
i wonder if either smd and psk would do it. havent tried it yet ._.