[MMD] Touhou Model Port

As much as i know that not everyone likes the thought of anime models or anything of the sort being worked on or moved, but along the way here I just had an idea of porting the MMD Models (Miku Miku Dance) into Garry’s mod for use.

Now these have already been rendered in MMD and i have found some plug-ins for Misc 3-D programs if necessary to have them worked on. The link of the Models and the site are below.



The reason why i chose these Touhou MMD models is mainly because recently a website that has been working on Touhou Models for Team Fortress 2.


MMD Program Download

MMD (Translated WIKI)

The Above link contains a site that can greatly help out anyone who needs info on the models and or how to edit them.

But also recently xenoaisam or whoever ported the Touhou Fortress models into Garry’s mod, for use. But the MMD models contain much more detail of each character then the TF2 ones, which brings me here asking anyone out there to see if they can help port these models into Garry’s mod.

Thanks in advance.

Pictures/Screenshots from MMD






I’d personally would love to see Flandre and Remilia, but i dunno if Source can even handle those models, considering that their detail comes from almost entirely from their unreasonable polycount.

I was expecting that to be a problem as well, but there’s a workaround for that right?

Yeah it’s possible, but you’re gonna have to find someone who will put in the effort to do it without making it look like crap.

I figured that you could lower the Poly count in 3Ds and still keep a fair amount of detail without disrupting it, plus there’s alot of bone points cause of the bullet physics engine that MMD uses.

From what i’ve heard, the polycount for MMD models are roughly around the 18k-25k range.

Took me a while but i finally been able to port them to Max files, the PMD’s need to be converted to .x files via PMD Editor.

(PMD Editor, Might need to right-click Save as on Direct Link once page is displayed)

Plus the x-Porter plug-in for 3DSMax users.

Renders in 3DSMax(2010)

If anyone wants the Max files so they can work on these to make them into plain ragdolls, then by all means contact me from any of the types under my avatar/ or on steam.

Ill upload the .zip file online and thrown in the readme + info on how i converted the models and include the textures/meshes.

Only worry I have about this is that MikuMikuDance model creators are usually extremely protective about their work, and will get extremely pissed off for redistribution or modification of their models. Also for some reason, they hate when their models are used in media that depicts violence or mature content. They retaliate by taking the models down from their sites and start hating at us all as Americans. Other than that, I highly approve of this project. I have a few MMD models and I already got as far as to import them in 3DS Max, but I don’t know how to do anything with them after that.

Ill see if i can get any further with what i can, otherwise, I and MetalKirby/TheRunningDafini plus B-rad will work on getting further into making these into ragdolls or possibly playermodels/Npc’s.

Unless we got someone who knows Japanese to ask for permission, we’re screwed.

Worst that would really happen is that the model makers take down and stop distributing their models, get mad at us all, and all their fans (English and Japanese) will come to this forum and thread, and proceed to spam and shit on it. Dunno if we’ll get in trouble for that or not. But you just know the anime haters on Facepunch will get a kick out of it.

Why not reskin the TF2 models?

Not particularly fond of the TF2 models, honestly.

Because the TF2 models are of specific characters.

One thing i would like to ask is why don’t we use some of the better GTA:SA models?

Youmu Konpaku

Flandre Scarlet

Flandre Scarlet (Capt. Cross’s gear?)

I’m on board for porting more GTASA anime characters. I wonder why Boroko stopped at such few characters. Besides, I have plans for Patricia Martin…
Blowtorch-related plans… :smug:


Might also be good to use stuff like CGtextures.com to mix in a tad of realism. Just a suggestion…

I have found a model of Flandre in Blender’s format. I dunno if it’s any use though. http://dgreater1.webs.com/Touhou/Flandre%20Scarlet%20Fiinal.rar

I think hes still busy with school or something, i mean i gave him the idea of porting the MMD models, but i guess he just didn’t replied yet.

I agree with using the GTA models, it’s much easier. People like Boroko may be able to port more advanced stuff, but he hasn’t done anything in a year so don’t expect anything new. I was planning on porting more Touhou characters from GTA myself, I have only done Yuka so far. However I’m not pleased with how it looks as a player model and I could never fix it so I never bothered with any more characters. Too bad we don’t have more people willing to help.

Hopefully i will get further on getting the GTA Touhou Models done since they look pretty well fit already then the MMD ones, if anyone’s got any plug-ins or references, it’d be helpful.

I have plugins for 3ds Max 9 that allow you to import straight from GTA SA’s .dff format, as well as apply the textures from the .txd files.

I’ve ported bits and pieces of the Touhou models as accessories in Oblivion\Fallout, but I lack any real rigging skill and failed miserably at porting to Source.

I guess I can upload the plugins and tools that I have if anyone wants to take a shot at the GTA models. I’m pretty sure I still have a bunch of the models themselves lying around as well.