MMM Hud Final 2


I know theres another thread, But this one has been redone.

Gmod.Org Description:

Basically changes your health to look like the health in mad man mad.

Final 2 Changes:

HP and armor will conjunction to the amount, In other words. It will Fill up, rather than instantly going there.

Use mmm_ in the console to show a list of the convars.


MMMArmorColor R G B

Screenshots, Bottom left is the hud.

SS1: Hp color is 0 150 0
SS2: Hp color is 255 220 0

List of Vars:

mmm_health 0-1 – Should MMM Style health be shown?

mmm_ammo 0-1 – Should the mag style ammo be shown?

mmm_inventory 0-1 – Should the MMM style inventory be shown?

mmm_inventorytall NUM – How tall should the inventory be?

mmm_hidehl2 0-1 – Should we hide the default hl2 health?

mmm_hidehl2ammo 0-1 – Should we hide the default hl2 ammo?

mmm_textfade NUM – How fast should the damaged number text fadeout?

mmm_magtextfade NUM – Same as mmm_textfade, but for the magazine text.

mmm_magtextfadespeed NUM – How long should the mag text stay on screen for?

mmm_health_x NUM – Offset the health Left/Right
mmm_health_y NUM – Offset the health Up/Down
mmm_inventory_x NUM – Offset the inventory Left/Right
mmm_inventory_y NUM – Offset the inventory Up/Down
mmm_mag_x NUM – Offset the mag text Left/Right
mmm_mag_y NUM – Offset the mag text Up/Down

Theres some pics at

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