MMO Mod for garry's mod 10

Dear All interested,

I would like to put forward an idea, I am a huge fan of MMO’s and I thought it would be great to have a kinda MMO mod if you like. The thing is this is an idea, I don’t have any idea in the fields of .lua scripting no graphical design or management for that matter. However I do know what I want so all I need is either a team or say one person to help make my idea become reality. So if anyone is interested or knows anyone who might be, then please say.

And in the way of skills and how they would work,
I would mainly like magic skills (As mele might be a bit hard)
Such as…

I say I would like well I meen for me (A frequent G Mod User) It would be best.
I don’t care how long it takes however this idea may be unrealistic.
There should be a customisable skill bar of eight tablets, activated by the 1-8 keys.

Thanks for reading.

And that’s the way the cookies crumbles.

Look man it’s my idea and I think it would be awesome. So don’t just insult me! It’s not even constructive criticism it’s jut plain useless (the comment) now I’d appreciate it if you don’t say anything on anyone’s posts bad again (I saw a few other posts) ?

There are like 2-3 others like this

Can You download any?

You realize that gmod can only handle 128 players…


LOL i has the best idea EVER. do it for me.

Source engine isn’t capable for anything MMO.

sounds a bit like runescape


anyway it could be good if you make all the stuff look cool like fire balls being the sun flung towards you XD

Angry faec sun from Super Mario (shudders)

Any experience Lua coder could most likely code a good MMO. There’s just one problem: No one wants to.

lol one runescape is enough, and having 128 players isn’t really a MMO its more of a SMOG (small multiplayer online game)
it would be better if a server could handle 300 player =]

A server can’t even properly handle 128 (Without huge lagspikes and crashes every few seconds)

excactly so it wouldn’t really work unless. i just say a thread with this kind of idea in it

what about more than one server?

Most MMOs have a huge development cycle and try to recoup the development costs with subscriptions.

Apparently you know nothing about the capabilities of the Source engine. It can’t do anything near an MMO.

Appearently you know nothing about the capabilities of the source engine. It can do all of the things the OP said with (Particle-) Effects.
And ever heard about linking multiple servers together? Even WoW does this.

WoW has a ‘map’ let’s say, that is about 100x the maximum size of hammer (assuming the human models are the same ‘size’) And then you have instances, and the capability for their servers (and engine) to handle thousands of players. And then you have realms, which means you have 20 of these ‘maps’ processing with thousands of players in each one.
WoW has a game engine designed for that purpose. It also has databases designed to keep player stats without hampering the game speed.

Source is designed for singleplayer or multiplayer FPSes which can handle 32 players without lag becoming a problem. It is NOT designed for mass multiplayer, because of the large amount of data packets needed per person for a multiplayer FPS to not lag like hell and play like shite. Source also has realistic physics unlike WoW, which has no ‘physics’ laws. This causes even more stress on the engine. Apparently you know nothing about the capabilities of the source engine.
Also remember WoW has servers dedicated for their purpose, very large computers nearly the size of a room, designed to handle the pressure of such a big area and player connections. Forking out the money to host an MMO on Gmod on one of those servers is just a waste of money.

I never said its a good idea to base a MMO on the Source Engine, I only said its possible.

Apparently you know nothing about reading posts correctly.