MN Wolf Rust-Oxide New Server! Wiped/Active Admins/Friendly/50 slots

Welcome to MN Wolf Rust


New server set up on February 2nd. Looking for more members to join and fill up the map. Handful of Friendly active players so far but we need more. Minnesotans are welcome but that’s not a requirement.

  • Five active admins Gabriel Tosh, Terrel, TheDlop, Rodney, Hellhound123 all friendly and willing to help new players and be hack free

  • Oxide Commands such as /share, /list, /help etc. etc.

  • Airdrops!

  • Full craft time, NO /starter kit, Raiding and C4 are allowed, PvP enabled, SLEEPERS

  • No Admin abuse, admins craft their own materials

  • Implementing a currency mod

This is a new server so noobs and rusty players are welcome, we generally try to be friendly on the server but rust isnt always friendly so remember its just a game! Everyone is welcome So please join and help make MN Wolf Rust a fun server!

Minnesota rust server type f1 copy and paste net.connect

Looking forward to setting up events and the like. If anyone has any questions i would be happy to assist.