MNC models ready , need a guy.

Today I’ve talked with one guy who makes a Good wallpapers with MNC models in Maya.
He agreed and he gave me models, which you can download from here:

I don’t have skills with making things to Gmod but I think It’s require just Rigging… IDK

“They are in .psk format, if your guy doesn’t know how to work with them he can download that Milkshape 3D program and import the psk files, then export to something he can use.”

Inside this zip you should find:

  • Every character
  • Bots
  • Turrets
  • Weapons
  • Shit loda thing

If someone would be kindly finish it to Gmod I would really appreciate that.
This guy is credit to team conjurous_rex.

Good luck!

Seriously nobody wants to try?

I’m not a porter, but I do support this. Hope it gets made.


monday night combat or something? dont abbreviate games, we wont know what it is all the time
and someone is working on these so chill for a bit

I’ll port the weapons

Could you try port these things?

  • Bacon
  • Churro
  • Icons (as model)
  • Coin
    (I hope my friend didn’t forgot about 'em)

I made sure to backup the files from the free weekend, so I can try digging around for the those models. I did find the churro

I think I can get the player models rigged since they use the Unreal Engine.

Thanks Jason you are the best with porting things like this.

I would totally love you for this :smiley:

You don’t need to rig them. They’re already rigged if they’re from a UE3 game.

Whoops. Ported, I mean.

My friend just released several skins fix for:
- Assassin (Is done , need to have a hand posing fix and few bones)

  • Assault
  • Gunner
  • Tank
  • Sniper
  • Support
  • Pit girl
    (It was white before , now It’s colorful with both team colors!)

All credit goes to conjurous_rex

Here is example of my friend work.[/thumb]



Right now Assassin is almost finished (need to fix hand posing ^ and less clip box size)

Thats great :3:

Can’t wait to have them in my own game.

Say, Coverop, can your friend do face posing as well? If so, he and I might be able to divide our work.

I can

I did the assassin model, no I cant do face posing because I never got it to work :frowning: but it looks like Nexus_elite can help you :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be lovely mate.
Also sorry for Team Fortress 2 trades… I guess I couldn’t make you happy back then :frowning: