MNU Car Crash

I saw some commercial while watching Blade 2 yesterday and it was two cars crashing.
I just randomly figured I’d make it in gmod.
Also :P, yesterday I saw Fight Club with Brad Pitt for the first time. I had seen Vman’s recreation of the ending scene of it and it was so cool to actually see something someone has made in gmod in a real movie.


Pretty cool.

I like the editing. It looks nice.

Looks cool

At first I thought it was the one with the mech. But, this is cool as well

Pretty sweet looking, I like the lighting. My only issue is that the damage editing seems a little bit excessive. Try making fewer crumples and you might also want to edit the cars to be a little more “in” eachoter (have them crushing together more)

Here’s an example.

(By the way, how’d you like fight club?)

Great movie. Saw about 90% of it and it was rough.
The “mouth shot” at the end was gore :stuck_out_tongue:
It was so awesome when it was like 3 minutes before the buildings exploded and I was like “Holy shit that’s Vmans reference!” I recognized the characters and the girl with her fur coat and all that you edited.
Shit was awesome.

Crumpling on the body work is pretty awesome.

Smoke is kinda excessive, car impact looks kinda big (I mean they hitted on the front corner, but all the car front seems damaged).

…Bah Vman already said that :frowning: