MNU coming under fire *MODEL RELEASE INSIDE*


Models are released! Click the picture below to go to the thread!

C&C please and thanks in advance,

PS. Special thanks to MasterFGH for the promotional link picture.

Cool, the gore effect is perfectly!!!

ouch at the guy dieing

Don’t worry I bet he didn’t feel a thing.


I would be like … “Why the fuck am I missing limbs?”

“Shit… I swear I didn’t leave my arm all the way over there.”

“And where the hell is my foot?”

Awesome chesty. Great work on the skin and the gore in the picture. :cheers:

(Although something about the skin still doesn’t quite work for me… maybe the tan is too intense or the white is too perfect, but something seems off with it…)

Don’t worry Vman, a hexed camouflaged variant will be released soon for picky bastards such as yourself.

Very good picture, man. Write a tutorial, damn it.

As I’ve said before, I tend to make things up as I go along using basics I learnt a while ago from Vman’s GIMP tutorial. I’ll post the originals though if that helps.


“Why is my lips where my nose should be? And where is my ass!?”
Awesome picture, love the gore :smiley:

This doesn’t count.
(I’m seeing how fast it takes for someone to make a screenshot of those un-beta models)


Great looking.

OOoo!! awesome! :smiley:
Will download in… a couple of months -_-

Thanks, mate. Why a couple of months?

Bet your ass I’ll be talking to you on Steam.


I’m afraid not. Taggart tried hacking the citizen heads onto the models but it didn’t work.

Bet again!! :stuck_out_tongue:
I just moved, and don’t have a internet connection other then when I’m at work… :frowning:
And there I can’t download ANYTHING, or install programs…
I am trying to get connected though… But I don’t have money to pay yet… :-/

But wait… I’m at my sister’s house… Downloading now :stuck_out_tongue: