MNU security guard the perimeter

Testing the new skin. Might add some more white on the helmet or torso.
Also the poster is Silversprints poster skins.

It’s alright, the posing on the right guy is odd.

Also, there wasn’t really green grass in D9. More of a desert bushy thing.


I hate those model’s .phy files. Nice job. Are these replacing Chesty’s?? I hope not, they’re both good.

These are replacing the black PMC skins :stuck_out_tongue:


About the grass, I had to cover up the horrible looking ground ><

“The ship… IT’S COMING RIGHT AT US!” Joke aside, it looks pretty good.

Angle looks strange, i.e the Ship.

I know I’ve seen those suits somewhere before! O.o

Pixelated sky, antialiasing issues all around, awkward posing.

the ship is pointing at them

Black security forces and brown First Platoon are different guys, so there will be two sets of models/skins.

PMC models maybe?

My attempts at incorporating the ship seems to be failing.

I’m still not sure I like the white. It looks kinda cool but it isn’t really accurate to the film.

I’ll make 2 versions then. One just text and a BITTTTT (a bit of pouches, clips) of white, and the other, this version.

angle is fucked up, looks like the ship is massively tilted toward them

Oh god it looks amazing, good job.

Pretend it’s the part in the movie [sp]when the ship moves[/sp] and they’re just really stoned >>