MNU troopers retreating from the prawns

Whooo bandwagon! Bigcity, by the way. Thought Halo elites looked like prawns so I used them.

I’ll never try greenscreening again, horrible results :saddowns: Plus the shack shadow is fucked.

What was greenscreend? I can’t tell.

Also, awesome scene build.

Wow that looks pretty badass.

The sky was. And thanks :haw:

Stop making me jealous :saddowns:

There are times when I’m about to say that to DT, Ilwrath, Kari, Chesty, Ddok and many others.

That’s so awesome.
For making an awesome picture I’m going to send you some secret skins when I get back to my comp.

Here are the original and the scene.

Wow that’s pretty nice, only thing I see wrong is the MNU trooper to the right.

The greenscreening is great, nothing wrong with it.
Great picture, very well done.

Suddenly…Naked Elites…EVERYWHERE!

I like it, artsy for you :slight_smile:

Yesssh mah models!

Kickin’ rad scene-build. Nice work. Cool effects too.

What map is that, btw?

He said Bigcity

The sky actually seems very well put in.

Love the improvisations, the shack, railgun :stuck_out_tongue:

a little awkward soldier

The prawns just wana play with The Wazer wifle!

The sky looks really good

Which one?