MOAB Particle Effect(Sample entity included)

Looky here, a particle explosion! This may not be the best section to put it in, but i’m not sure where else this would fit.
It has an example entity that comes in an addon though, so I guess it works. :v:


Youtube video:

Basically, this is a particle effect that I made in Half-Life 2: Episode 2’s particle editor. It’s based heavily off of the Daisy Cutter in World in Conflict, and real MOAB footage. Thanks to episode 2’s particle system, you can set off over 15 of these at once with little to no framerate drop! All it really needs is to be put to some real use by a lua coder or sourcemod developer. Heck this would even work for a dramatic slow-motion explosion for ‘that awesome gmod machinima.’

Instructions are included in the .zip, along with an example entity that only DISPLAYS the effect.
Please DO use/alter this however you want, as long as credit is properly given.

Download link:

Let me know what you think, and enjoy!

Hate to bump this, but do you know where you got the MOAB model used in the beginning of the the demo? I tried Google & a forum search but came up with zilch.

Thanks in advance.

Gave you a useful, i have been looking at particle files to see how they were done.