Mob Agenda


I really want to know where i find the mobboss agenda?
I would like to create another one for another mafia group i’ve created, still i havn’t found the agenda ;(

Thankful for tips/help! :slight_smile:

/ Kubanen

cl_init.lua line 658, I think is that you search, the text is in language_sh.lua

Yeah, thanks… I never really been doin this for long, but i copy pasted the “agenda” code, changed the groups to what my “mafia” groups were named, i got lots of erros and nothing in darkrp would start.

Is it hard to make? i would love to get some serious help cause it would be awesome to have in the game :stuck_out_tongue:

Its look hard because some part of the code are also situed in main.lua and player.lua .
try to ask in the darkrp thread in gamemode release.