Mob Defense System

After being raided 3 times in the same night by the same team we were forced to up our defenses and rebuild. We quickly gathered up all the wood in the land we could find and repaired our walls! We then began to make our wall surrounding our courtyard 2 walls thick. We know this does not stop people from getting in, but it does keep them from leaving :-).

We then spent The next 1-2 hours collecting wolves and zombies from all over the map and bringing them home. This became our new home security system. It functions just like a security alarm in the sense that when someone gets near it gets VERY loud outside alerting us that someone is coming!

lol. Nice idea. I’d wait until you logged out, farm all that, and then raid you. :p.

Wouldn’t blame you if ya did! The people who raided us used about 30 C4 to get all our loot.

so… just blow out a back wall and ignore all the mobs…? …

It’s hard to ignore 12 zombies and 6 dogs within the small courtyard. Majority of the dogs hang out in back near the house. And besides, if you even step up to the outer wall they all geek out.

Might be, but you can’t be online all the time, besides, mobs can despawn I believe…

very nice! Won’t 100% stop people but will certainly slow them down/put them off, nice job :smiley:

Pretty clever if you ask me - though as others have pointed out, rather crudely - this just proves to be a challenge. I’d be up to break in somehow.

Though I tend not to raid neighbors unless they’re aggressive.

Hehe clever idea! Cant wait to see more of these “einstein” buildings. :smiley:

I cant imagine navigating that base at night! HAHA cool video!

Very good idea, your surely on to something here. They are talking about adding more ways to defend, this could be on the right track… if you could someone capture wolves or zombies to bring into your base, maybe inside a room as well… Just think, you blow a wall and 5 zombies pop out! They could do some tweaking to make this work as a defense system. My first question would be, do they despawn? If they are in your base are they preventing other people from gathering resources bec all the zombies are in your fort?

Well unfortunately we forgot to repair 2 of our gates and they despawned :-(. This let the mobs return home or someone killed them. We replaced the gates and now we have 1 zombie I brought home. His name is Ted. This will be day 2 of Ted living here. They only despawn if the server is rebooted.