Mob hit right outside the office! What's this world coming to?

Still working on my posing skills.

…What do you think?

Here’s the same screen from another angle. I know the editing isn’t very good on this one

Constructive criticism is more than welcome :slight_smile:

Editing is excellent. Posing is sub-par.

yeah, good editing but the poseing and screenshot is just very bland.

Opposite way round for me.

Posing is decent enough, editing is blurry as fuck… wait… fuck isn’t blurry. You get my point.

Exessive smugding is very exessive, Smugde can be good in some cases, but just not this overused.

Yeah I think it’s blurry because of my over usage of the “smudge” tool in GIMP


Thanks for the comments and criticisms guys. They are most appreciated.


Yeah I know I way over used it in this one. Thanks for your comment.

the editing is pretty good, I especially like the blood, but the muzzleflash does not look that good and it’s a bit too blurry, but you said that already

yeah it was a little bit difficult to get the color of the muzzle flash to contrast against the white snow . Thanks for your comment.