Mob Hits: Spring Cleaning

Was just tossing ragdolls around until a random idea hit me. Wanted to try some things out I guess.

Just playing around I guess.

Not bad, sorta generic, but its still pretty good.


seriously though awesome job

People are over-using the term “generic”. Generic means something is very common and done over and over again. A better word to describe these is boring. Not a lot to look at, not much going on.

First one seems more hitmany than mafiay, but I love the widescreen of it. Turn your AA up if you can.

Second one I was going to say his eyes should be closed, but I realized that’s my fault. Grain was probably not necessary, but it goes good with the contrast of the picture.

Great camera angles on both.

My AA is maxed out, 16x CSAA (or something like that) :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks though!

I heard on some cards that full AA doesn’t work so you’d have to use the one before it or something.

Wow, I actually didn’t know that. I’ll have to check it out and see if there’s a difference then. Thanks for the heads up.

they look great, glad to see more from you. keep it up.

Damn, I love the second one, the composition is great.
The first one is pretty neat too.

Yet the old man isn’t eating a plate of spaghetti. So sad…

My old card had that problem but it would default to no AA…

I’m pretty sure we would notice if AA was completely off.

They look like catholic priests imo chocking sinners :3

Nice pictures, but god ever since those models were released, I have ONLY seen pics of them executing helpess people, hostages, gang members. Etc. Jesus, the mobsters did other stuff then just go around killing helpless people.