moba game dawngate

Hello can anyone provide me some .snap files from the game called Dawngate.Please provide me the files which contain models,animations,textures and vfx files of heroes of dawngate

you sure love moba games… huh? google said this and that thread might help you figure it.

Hello episoder i have downloaded those .package files but i think that the model,animation,texture and vfx files are located in .snap files.Could you or anyone provide me some snap files from Dawngate

okay. i dunno. i can only google that stuff. isn’t it that you gotta extract those to get .bmdl files for the models? if you need the whole archive to extract it all, i dunno who still got that. you could google if some sharing sites got some of it or maybe you wanna search torrents that are not dead yet.

some of those old dead online games are sure hard to find. just search it yourself. is it that hard?

what do you mean by dunno

3rd person present: dunno

(I) do not know.

ok then could you please help me with something else.if you will help me then i will provide you the link
to the topic that i had created on facepunch.please reply to me.

this thread? >

it’s cry engine. i’m sure there are exporters for that out there on the net.

I searched for exporters,unpackers and decompressors but they are all unable to decompress those pak
files.could you please help me

i can try. ask me again in 2 hours. gotta download that stuff first. for now. tried that one already? -> bananas. the first i’d try. and you might need noesis and the cry engine plugin for it. that might be able to convert to mesh to something you can load in a modelling program.

Ok i will contact you again in 2 hours.Please be present

wtf. meanwhile you try that bananas and tell me it works. i’d hope it extracts it already.

Hello episoder.Have you downloaded the .pak files and have you found away to decompress those .pak
files.please reply me

yo. got them. nothing to find or depack but a 10 byte signature header ‘D8 30 24 B3 1D DC 13 E7 70 6C’ that doesn’t tell me anything at all and packed random bytes. so… unless you have the algorithm (code in the executable) you can forget about it.

what do you mean by algorithm executable

Hello who is reading this topic.

You really need to be more patient since the guys here also have lives apart from browsing the forum

ok i will be more patient but can anyone please help me with Arena of fate .pak files.