Mobile Suit Gundam Models

After a fruitless search around the net I’ve finally decided to try my hand at bringing models for mobile suit gundam to the public, models are AS IS its either port work/rips/or if I ever get better custom models, only one so far but better than nothing right? suits need to be rigged

to start off I’d figure I’d post a WIP of the MS-05 extracted from UCGO, ultimately I’m hoping to have someone help me port this into the source engine so people can enjoy these models in Gmod. the texture mapping is in grey scale as UCGO has color presets, my skill with texture mapping is next to none but I DO have ALL textures extracted and ready for use, MS-06 Zaku II will be soon, I DO have a model for the MSM-04 Acguy no EFF suits YET.

NO REQUESTS, I’ll be extracting what I can and getting it ready for anyone interested in rigging them if by the end of the project a suit you like hasn’t come up then TOUGH, if you are able to rip from any of the Gundam console games then do so and feel free to dump the models and textures here

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will add another post soon with more information or current projects
MS-05 “Old Zaku”
texture map,3ds model and 20103dsmax save for object


to allow people to find shit easier here is the “project V” folder which has any and all material concerning this little project

the .tga file is from a side project

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It looks like the model is skewed and squashed, is it rip issue?

100% the case, I’ve tried fixing it as best as I can a lot of problems stem from there is no way to obtain the assets in their form or the knowledge isn’t available to the public

I tried searching for Gundam Musou models but the trail ends cold 2 years back with no known headway

I do the best I can by straightening the models out but until I can find a way to get them right out of the data its a no go


If your using 3dx Ripper it looks like your importing with the wrong FOV, which makes the models look wonky.

yeah only thing I’ve got going right now, I haven’t touched 3ds max in AGES and I’ve NEVER touched 3d ripper till now, what FoV do you suggets when importing into 3ds? or should I jsut start randomly firing off angles?

That stuff is fixable in max, problem is: it’s devious (finding the exact combination of skew and scale). So if there is a way to get it done right in ripper first that what i would focus on.

  • fact that model is ripped in pose doesn’t make things easier.

I’m just laying down ground work in hopes of more skilled people coming in and helping, While gundam has a less than solid foothold in the west it’s still somewhat depressing no constant effort has shone through, while browsing I’ve come across quite a few FP threads concerning gundam and a few models WERE posted but ultimately these models were either never finished or shared with the public

hoping to find a way to open UCGO up and take the models as is from there, two other PC centric gundam games have my attention right now, ONE I know has a way to open its packages and thats SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Onling (SDGO) and the other one is MSGO which is a JP only MMO featuring MSG which I could also rip from albeit the modles in MSGO are PS2 era model/texture wise

sorry to bump but it DOES seem like I found the right FoV for the ripped models will be pushing out MS-05 model fixed, and the MSM-04 Acguy model

Oh man, these guys bring back memories. You’ve got my moral support, and when a hole opens up in my todo list any other help I can offer.

thanks, anyways fixed MS-05 and MSM-04 is ready also including the texture files for ALL SUITS and weapons

ac and zak

texture files

GM and GM trainer are next up since I don’t have access to the models I have to buy them in game, thankfully I still have my old mining scripts so this will be quick and painless also a core booster

I suck at rigging and mapping always have give it time and I can PROBABLY make custom models again my hopes are someone with time can pick these up and rig em and get them nice and neat and ready for Gmod or SFM


corebooster is done, GM is suffering from garbled textures on its body GM trainer is fine also managed to get that EFF transport plane

Can’t wait to see how these turn out.

Where has this thread been all my life?

could’ve sworn Xentax made a script for it that could get at least meshes with uvs.

edit- Found it, not sure how well it works since I don’t have the game to test it with, but try this

Man, Xentax. First Demon’s/Dark Souls, now they screw us with Gundam now and never bother telling us how to do it. Starting to hate these guys.

I can help with the weapons and static props btw.

praise the evoluders this’ll make my job easier if I can figure out how to use this

I’m focusing on the suits and the weapons will come after

I do have two EFF weapons and a GM shield

also any ideas how to run this python file?

I’m not sure. But I’ll do what I can. Truth be told I’m not sure I’ve heard of a python file type before.

python is ancient, a filetype from years of yore

no idea how to operate python anyone who knows how to do it try your hand at extracting the models

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will be adding these

since I’m doing the suits I’ll just bundle the weapons in one max file (2010) to be separated later

like I said I’ll do what I can.

if you want to help speed up model ripping my best suggestion is to load up a 3dsmax pre-2011 and grabbing 3d ripper DX also grabbing autoit to run the mining script to rake in cash to buy the suits to rip

or just wander around 1 of the 3 main faction cities or in the warring areas and rip from there

GM and GM trainer will be released tomorrow compiling what I have for weapons and shields in a “odds and ends” file shoulder guards for the zaku are their own individual thing so I’m taking those and including them in the OaE file