Mobile Tactical Marines Oscar Mike through a Compound

A Good, well-deserved break from those who are expecting those generic poses

Blurred shells got a bit messed up and I’m now sure how you could blur the bike wheels

better than everything ever

The German bike squad was better…but this is still pretty bad ass.

Anyone know how to get rid of those tiny tiny white spots at the edges of the soldiers?

Play with the lighting?
The dude on the board in the air is totally awesome.

Hahaha oh my god thats awesome… the Skateboarding guy is frigging hilarious

Do you think you could get a closeup of that pose?.. would be a hilarious wallpaper

This is the shit man, the above skater as said is fucking awesome!

It’s Xtreme!


Wait a second, I made that :stuck_out_tongue:

Sticky this

Mobile Tactical Marines Oscar Mike vs German Bike squad please :v:

I’m afraid you’re gonna have to look through the threads I’ve made, because I’m not gonna post the link. That would be rude.

Too bad I don’t have access to the WaW models…

go in the VMF and delete all the lines that have “rimlight” in them

What’s VMF??

The VMF’s are texture/material files. They can be opened up with textedit.

On the picture: Completely epic. :v:

Edit: VMTs, not VMFs. D’oh!


Rangers, not marines.

United States Army Rangers


Well, I cannot seem to find out what this textedit gibbery-joo is but I guess I’ll try not to make the sun face the camera next time