mobs that could maybe put in the game

first off this thread is made for people to post ideas on mobs and what they think about how zombies are going to probably be removed. i think that zombies are an awsome idea to have but if their not going to be the primary mob like gary said their just place holders i think if they were to stay in the game they would have a low to miniscule spawn rate

I want to see little assholes who are fast, mutated pills, somewhat reminiscent of the Snorks from S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

Psuedogiants from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Or bloodsuckers. Maybe some controllers or poltergeists? Or how about people who had their brains melted, just like those “zombies” in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. that look like real players but act like and in a way, resemble real zombies? Sorry, I just have trouble thinking up stuff of my own. And if not any of those selections, some sort of mutated animal/human that attacks stuff. I mean, what else is there to replace zombies in a run-down area full of radiation?

I would want bandits like in far cry 3 which mostly travel in packs and come occasionally by you

well, maybe some boss mobs? that’d be pretty fun. Found in caves or something that if killed, drop good loot.

More wild game would be nice.

Dinosaurs please.

Tree monster nuff said

Garry told us that he wanted some sort of giant boss wich would appear and destroy houses, read more about it here

Yes! I agree with this entirely the world in rust is irradiated which could mean some additions of blood suckers snorks or keeping with the zombified npcs but I like the idea of implementing such mutants and possibly they only spawn in certain areas?

Otters and lakes

well i got a nice idea for a mob you should put infected (not zombies) and the infected well only spawn in high radiation areas and they would be insanly fast and when they attack they well give the player radiation but they should be very rare to find and you also need to put survivors in it (survivors won’t spawn when you’re playing multiplayer) and they would try to kill you if you have a weapon equiped but if you holster your gun they won’t do any harm and you could trade items with them and if you have money (an other item you should add) you could hire survivors with it i think that these are pretty good ideas :downs:

this is overposted… there is so many posts out there about ’ oh yeah lets put in fucking bandits like dayz mods have’ and if you read this thread, there is multiple people mentioning radiated infected mutants and so on.

Maybe these pieces of mine could lead to some ideas.

Seeing as it’s based on STALKER, I’d love to see controllers and the other straight up terrifying mutants that you could find in the X-labs. If there was something similar to the x-labs you could raid for good loot, that would be sweet.

Bigfoot and make him spawn rarely.

Giants would be so fucking cool, like this one from game of thrones

Not really any spoilers in that video

You could come up with an excuse for them existing with radiation, I just love how they are presented in that scene and they would definitely make for an interesting enemy.

heres another thing i made that might fit that

Imagine animating that!

one leg at a time i guess