Mod/Admin/SuperAdmin Question

Hello guys,

I have this question goign on my minde and really irritating me.
How Do I Get A Moderator Class?

I already have Admin And SuperAdmin that I sell on my 32 slot DARKRP server but people are demanding you buy mod but yet I can not figure out how to set up something like this, I am hugely wishing someone here can help me.

there are no predefined powers. by this i mean a category like admin only has as much power as the admin scripts your server uses allow it. if you find an admin mod that has support for a moderator group then problem solved.

(i think)

Im pretty sure other people have mod on there server and would be willing to share there file and explain to me what and where to put the files.I just hope this forum has some nice people, cause or els noone will give that out :frowning: