Mod for "cooldown" on crafting

I’d love a mod that would allow me to implement a “cooldown” on certain crafting recipes. Specifically, Explosive Charges.

For example, Player A creates an Explosive Charge. There’s now a 3 hour cooldown before the player is able to create another Explosive Charge.

Is this even possible?

With enough booleans, anything is possible…
Here is my idea for how this would work: {This is within reference to Java}
create a variable boolean called canCraft[itemName] ,which is defaultly true
create a second variable that is a double and have it labeled coolDown
set the coolDown variable to whatever duration (3 hours = 10800 seconds.)
Before the character starts crafting c4, it checks to see if the boolean is true, if it is it starts crafting
After crafting, the boolean is set false and a timer is initiates referencing the second variable
When the timer hits either 0 or the required time (10800 seconds) the boolean is set true

However, since I haven’t looked into the coding, I cannot say for sure if there is data that tells what the user is crafting. But this is what the coding would be for this mod if there was:
{Warning: I kinda forget how to convert from seconds to refresh rate of monitor}

boolean canCraftC4 = true;
double coolDown = 10800;

//checks for boolean before crafting

for(int i =0; i < 10800; i++;){