Mod Help Request - I was given a Key (Won't work)

Dear MODs,

I’ve PM’d Craptasket, but received no reply. I was given an Alpha key from a batch that was given to PsiSyndicate. When I attempt to redeem my Key it says “invalid beta key.” I’m not sure what the course of action is and can provide the key given to me to prove legitimacy need be via PM.

Thank you,

Maybe somebody has already used that key?

Or by sheer luck somebody was able to guess it.

Yeah I’m not sure Jammy. It just says invalid. Lewis verified it was correct.

I was watching that stream :slight_smile:

Even though I didn’t get a key I was just glad to see some quality gameplay. Maybe Lewis will be kind enough to give you a different key.

He’s been more than helpful already. Just need a MOD please.

Unless he gave it to you in form of a private PM, it’s very well possible that someone else redeemed it before you.

Edit: If it was sent through PM, then I would take it up with Psi or unfortunately someone might have guessed that key.

He gave them out to people during a live twitch stream. Winners received them via a PM direct to their twitch accounts.

Yeah he sent it via Twitter private DM. We know each other so it’s not like he’d lie to me, but he’s already given his other keys away and I wouldn’t ask for a second.

Send Craptasket a message, he should be able to help you out.

Then PM Starpluck, it’s not a trivial issue for the OP to figure out.

My guess is that someone guessed the key… Greedy bastards.

I hope not, PM’d Starpluck.

Yeah same here, I one a key during the giveaway. I double checked with him and he said its correct, I put in the key and it just says invalided beta key. I finally got a key after days and it doesn’t work. I did see someone post something about Lewis showing his keys on stream and it had a list of keys so maybe people got out keys instead of us ( the winners) anyways idk what to do.

I was watching the stream from start to finish and I didn’t see him showing the keys off.

I’m just saying I saw a post on here, I was watching the whole time as well. I know the post got deleted in like 2 minutes. Only thing I can think of is some lucky Asgard guessed my key awhile back or something.

Starpluck told me Lewis showed them in his stream. Either that happened or someone is a good guesser. Either way oh well. I tweeted Garry. Fingers crossed.

He didn’t show them…

pm me for keys

just received a batch of 5 keys from garry