mod help

Hello all can someone help me fixe the bugs in cider mod so it work

Its 530 days old. It can’t be made playable with a few simple bugfixes.

yeah i talk to a other and i thinks he say it like 4 bugs in it but no body upload a working cider mod :confused:

It’s almost 2 years old. Since then, Garry’s Mod has changed dramatically. Of course there’s nobody that would upload a working one, there’s other gamemodes, this one is old.

yeah but this mod are good when it work

I guess you haven’t tried anything else then, have you?

i have tried and i don’t get it work for i got 2 of same error and i don’t know how to fixe it

No, I simply meant that it seems like you haven’t actually tried any other possibly more better mods that do actually work.