Mod Mapping Help

I’m having some problems with this map for a mod I’m working on

  1. The camera dose not go all the way to where the player starts (I kinda gets very fast toward the end of the path)
  2. Shows the HUD when player is seeing though the camera be for player is able to move
  3. Need a better atmosphere (just using Dev textures)
  4. Song ques are messed up
  5. The combine on the tower is invisible until it is woken up by a script
  6. end game does not work after you kill the combine elite

Vmf download link =>

Comments and criticism is welcome

Jesus it’s tiny

Is there not supposed to be a sky?

I can added it in but it’s not necessary

Time for you to hit the tutorials.

These are for your lighting, the second one will also go over a few other things like use of clip etc.

Really though, there is no point to this thread as you have very little content. No images of the map in game, and in the vmf you have no textures, no environmental lighting and very little detail.