Mod Mountain - The Better Garry's Mod Marketplace

Mod Mountain is a brand new marketplace for Garry’s Mod addons with a focus on community and transparency. Most of you already know the drill by now, so let’s just go into some of MM’s unique features:

  • Team Revenue Splitting: easily share addon revenue with team members, no strings attached
  • Dynamic code: modify your Lua on a per-download basis using a full blown (but easy to use) templating language
  • Transparent moderation logs: all moderation logs are transparent and viewable
  • 2 Factor Authentication: prevent evil hackers from accessing you account by requiring an extra step for logging in
  • Full API: absolutely everything you see on the website interface can be done through the MM API, due to the backend being completely agnostic
  • Bug Bounties: if you find a bug and report it before someone else does, you’ll recieve a totally free Steam key as a token of thanks
  • Legally Registered: Mod Mountain is registered in Canada and is a 100% legal operation
  • Free Addons: free addons can be uploaded as an alternative to the Steam workshop. You can use this to provide a “lite” version of a paid addon.

If you’re still having second thoughts about giving MM a spin, the site is completely free to use (except for PayPal transaction fees) until August 11th, 2016.

only took a year!


I’m assuming you’re on /mods? What browser is this? I’m not getting any errors from the page.

Google Chrome

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Also why am I getting a horizontal bar?

Your title is a little ambitious don’t you think? You have nothing to base that off of.

I think its a little too early to say ‘The Better Garry’s Mod Marketplace’.

When you tried this last year you were not successful at all, how will this be any different other than having ex/banned SF staff on your team?
Not to mention the fact that every typical darkrp player will find themselves going to SF first because that will be the first results in Google.

Nah unprofessional marketing places is what everyone wants right?[/t]

Also I’m not 100% sure but I think you actually need a registered business to create a marketing place in Canada.

If it took you about 11 months to make this, that’s fairly disappointing.

And the scriptfodder fanboys start!

Wow, rude!

Heaven forbid I post in a public forum giving criticism Kevlon.

Where can I see this

Mainly lunaversity, as we all know when you think of ‘professionalism’ you instantly think of Matt’s amazing replies

I loves me some Lorem Ipsum!

Guys we don’t need drama already fuck off

Also a little hard to take someone who got banned from ScriptFodder seriously, when they just try to cause more drama.

Anyway, I would definitely change the title considering you have nothing to back it up. It’s an empty claim. The site also feels really unresponsive, such as clicking on scripts to edit them.

Matt him self isn’t professional, I’m mentioning the marketing place in general you don’t see “lmao we’re gonna post your ip on 4chan if you don’t sign up” some people that are looking for scripts will think it’s real and that’ll shift their attention.

Plus it’s funny seeing competition that doesn’t have a solid start.

Was mostly being cheeky, not serious. Not going to go all Codeforage on you guys, I promise.

I took a pretty length hiatus to work on personal stuff and creating a solid income for myself. When I came back to MM I decided to completely rewrite the entire application and to listen closer to what people in the community want (i.e. revenue splitting).

All the time I spent fixing bugs today I forgot to clean up the text around the site, whoops. If everyone gives me about 15 minutes I’ll get my business license (MM is actually registered, it wasn’t a joke). Also, 11 months with about 8 months of hiatus spread throughout. Probably could have done it faster but I took a lot of time to learn near frameworks and libraries and I’m pretty happy with the result. The website might not be perfect but the way it’s laid out will allow for a lot of cool stuff in the future.

Don’t make me filter usernames :slight_smile:

One moment, friend.

It’s also a little hard to take bad mods seriously… Especially when they accept literal garbage code and want people to* publicly* post big exploits. For “credibility”