Mod support soon

I know you may have answered that question, but I can’t find any information, so I’ll ask you again. Should we expect full modding support for my servers after a year or two years (2022-2023? Why don’t you want to do it right now? I’d like to add to your server, new animations, weapons, clothes, new objects and so on, tell us it’s in the plans? Or will it never happen?

Do we expect this or will it not?

I know they are working close with streamers right now to make a custom Rust server experience, hopefully this will open up the doors to Rust modding.

Also why don’t you close your parenthesis?! Is your attention span really so short that you forget you opened a parenthesis you were supposed to close after 8 keystrokes?!

I thought no one would notice :*)

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7th is the day they open up the Rust server that Facepunch has been working on for streamers.
I wonder how much it will differ from normal servers after 1 week of development.

I’m just wondering if they have it in their plans at all, or hope not…

I don’t really see the need for Rust to be entirely moddable, I mean there are games like Gmod or S&box for that, nothing will stop you to make your own ideal Rust game in S&box especially.