Mod To Allow Admins To Pass Through Rocks

Looking for a mod (we’re running Oxide 1.18) that will allow us to go through rocks and check them for hidden “unraidable” bases.

Go here:

sniffs I can smell the roots of admin abuse? Or it is something else?

He clearly said it’s to check for “hidden unraidable bases”…

Yeah this sort of mod could be useful. Here is my concern. If you allow suicide bases on your server which “most modded servers do” then a rock base is nothing more…Until they try to shoot someone out of it. Then it’s an exploit and then ban them. If you knew the amount of rocks on that map you can build in you would change your mind. There’s 100s from hanger to mount Evrust.

RustEssentials allows you to “noclip.” Essentials has a lot of custom features I think you would like. For Oxide, I don’t think there is one out there.

I know. Problem is that I saw request like that before. And real issue here is that admin wants easily to build his base inside the rock. Fine, but I refuse to build mod like that. One thing is excuse given but second thing is a math behind all the rocks in the world. It is just impossible to test all those. So, my guess is still that admin wants to build his base inside the rock. You just are not able to walk through all the rocks out there! If you want to ask correct mod, then it should check if there is any deployable object near you. And it there is something wrong with mod like that as we are taliking about 10 rust meters, which is visible range:) Also this mod is leagal enough to give every player. Admin can register that and teleport inside for investigation and ownership test.

what? How can you compare a suicide base to a base build in a rock?Aa base in a rock is undetectable and easy to build. A proper suicide base isn’t and most of the time it is still raidable( if not all the time? I haven’t found a suicide base on a server that I wasn’t able to raid).

I’ll work on adding a “in rock” check feature if you would like that instead (per dustinest’s mentioning). I don’t know, something like /rockcheck to display a list of people and houses that are possibly in rocks. The problem with that is that it will show people and buildings who have rocks overhead as well.

While it wasn’t designed for that, it allows you to TP into a rock if you point it well. It certainly isn’t perfect but it beats dicking around with sleeping bags.

Pro tip: pointing under the rock where it has an overhang over the ground helps but I’ve accidently ported into rocks when pointing them directly as well.

Unfortunately our server is pretty quiet lately, haven’t had a chance to catch anyone with it but it certainly makes checking a whole lot easier.

Oh nice! Thanks for this man!!!