[MOD] What settings do server owners wish they could change?

I am in the middle of making a mod for the Rust servers and found i can change some pretty cool things

  • freeze time
  • permanent day time/night time
  • slow/faster day/night cycles
  • disco mode
  • custom commands

and i have barely scratched the surface, what do you think would be handy to change in a mod? things like, a message of the day, zombie strength/speed etc should all be possible i just need ideas thanks.

What about the ability to increase spawn rates of materials?

Message of the day would be huge. So would changing the day/night cycle. The ability to see a list of players on would be amazing.

all of them are already possible as i have them in my test server now, same with coordinates.

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got a friend making an arena, and when you login you will spawn there fully loaded with kev and an m4. will be 50 players there playing like its COD!

Could you give me the name of the server ?

its not up, its my dev server

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will be soon, just sorting out some kinks with the teleporting, trying to fix the crash ye get

I can’t seem to send you a PM for some reason, could you add me on steam? I got some stuff I’d like to discuss.