Mod where you can see an admin log

Pretty simple and would solve suspicion of admin abuse. Make it possible to add a /command to the game for players to see what the admin has done to see if anything fishy went out. Such as porting, spawning c4, spawning anything, etc.

As a admin i thougt of finding such tool. To just be able to play on the server.
Only conserns i have with it.

If you go and get full invis kit to follow a hacker, the whole server can see you trying to do so. And defeats the purpose, ofc the hacker sees you instantly.

This plugin was just released today

hackers have esp, they can see you anyways

Well then you can explain what you did. You have to decide what’s more important. Explaining what you did, or finding the hacker and hope people believe you. But it should definitely be implemented. Admins would be able to play without having to be accused, and players don’t have to wonder about admin abuse.

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Are you saying this is pretty much what I explained? I know nothing about Oxide or anything that all reads cryptically to me.

Did you even read? Or just confirming what i know

Yes its exactly what you’re asking for. The plugin logs all rcon commands and admin actions.

So you just add a command to activate/deactivate logging, or just don’t log c4 spawning or other commands.
Just a feel good solution if you ask me…

Admins need to be able to do what they do, yes there are abusive admins. However, by crippling the good admins ability to spectate potential hackers negates the entire purpose of admins. I see alot of people complaining about abusive admins, just change servers. 3000 servers there is bound to be one that you can be happy on. Dont change the game or remove needed functionality for admins just because a few of them decide to be douchebags

The good admins will still be good admins. If they aren’t abusing there is a reason they are doing what they are doing and that can be explained.

If an admin is abusing, go find a server with good admins. There are plenty of Rust servers, many are low population probably run by good admins just wishing people would play on their server. Requests for this type of mod scream entitlement from the player. You’re not paying us yet we take the time and money to provide you with a place to play Rust for free. Based on that notion, an admin can do what ever they please on their servers. Again, if you don’t like it, there are so many other servers out there. Take the time to seek out a legitimate place to play.


I pay for the server, not you. If you think that I as an Admin am abusing my power then you’re more than welcome to A: Leave and start your own server or B: Leave and find a server which better suits your sense of needing to know everything the owner of the server is doing.

Because for as long as I’M paying for the server for YOU to play on, you have exactly as many rights as I decide that you’re entitled to. You don’t need to know if I’m spawning invisible armor and porting around to check up on players or if I’ve decided to build a base at the bottom of the ocean while in /god mode.

Totally missing the point. The admin CHOOSES to implement this. Also the server I’m on has a very specific set of loot rules I like compared to other servers.

I didn’t miss the point at all. There is already a mod available with a plugin that will track admin rcon commands. Obviously the admin of your server has either chosen not to implement it or has it set up so that only he or she can monitor the log file generated to keep an eye on other appointed admins to be sure they aren’t abusing their powers.

What you’re asking for is already possible and was pointed out early in the thread. If your server owner CHOOSES not to give every player access to that log or not install the mod at all then that is his or her prerogative.

Technically, this should be posted here :

So your solution is to change servers constantly and starting over every single time ? Yeah… right… no.

If i have to start over because of a server wipe that’s needed i’m fine with it but if there’s one thing i would like to know before joining a server is that if the server administration is good and the best two ways to know that is either by asking the players or checking on your own.

Honestly i would love a server review.

You dont pay for the server, you have no say in how its run. Plain and simple. Chances are the player is getting fed up by abusive admins then they are having a hard time getting ahead. so a server move isnt a big deal

If you’re that worried about your admins abusing their powers, you’ve got one of two situations.

1 - Really crappy admins who probably are.
2 - You’re playing the wrong game, go join the kiddies in WoW.

I run a server, and people on it don’t worry about me or the other admins cheating. Why? Because when we do, we cheat by giving things to the whole server or by massive air drops in preparation to have the entire server raid our base. (This of course was only done once as we decided to wipe due to several oversized bases lagging the whole server.)

Look for servers with active admins whom you can find out in the wild chopping wood and pounding rocks and shooting zombies. The ones who will answer your questions without being anonymous or dodging around the issues. The ones who’m if you even chose to, you could shoot in the back and loot! (Fair warning, we will come after you in retaliation, but all in good fun. =D )

The problem is that it takes quite a while to find out if the server is good or bad. There are SOOO MANY “bad servers” out there that its quite hard to find the good ones. Took me a while to find a good server ( the one i’m currently playing ) but it was a though road :P.

I finally found a pretty sweet one. After 200h of playing.