hello, I am willing to buy rust, but wanted to know if in the future you could put a version of “offline” that is not multiplayer.
maybe if you will put a game mode LAN with friends is fun :smiley:

I expect a lot from this game, I hope I do not disappoint

Or you could get the game now, buy a server and only allow your friends on it… not the same I know but it’s an alternative.

even that fact, but also spoke of an offline mode lonely alone, without the need for internet and maybe put mode lan

ps a server from where you buy?

You can download the server for free yourself from SteamCMD.

Rust is a multiplayer game. If you want to play singleplayer, just run a server locally and never port-forward it – you will be the only one in the server.

Mobile keeps making me tag posts when I am scrolling… Is there a way to untag a post?

that guy is like the online Rust Wiki… everypost always an solution

You can make a local server on your PC and send the IP too your friends so that they can join your local server too. I’ve done that with someone across the other side of the world.