Modded Hornet Gun Sweps

I need two copies of this swep:

to be changed slightly.

I need one copy to be named “Kukac”. It will retain all the same properties except it will show up as “Kukac”.

The second copy will be named “Prijatel”. It will have 30 damage per hornet strike, 700 for homing distance, ammo capacity to 12, and life span of hornet set for ten second more.

The sweps need to be included in to a small pack labeled “Kukac’s”.

The swep doesn’t come with a world model so I need someone to find a working world model of the hive hand and have it being held like the “Ar2”.


Uh… The weapon you want would be based off of the HL1 Hornet gun. The way it works is that Mouse 1 fires shots that go after the target if it was close to the crosshair, Mouse 2 fires it at a faster speed but the hornets are ‘dumb’ as they won’t track anything. The regular ammo size is 8 and it automatically reloads (I believe 1)hornet every second. If you have HL:S then you’ll be able to see this and it has a world model if you get the swep you want to edit from the right place… If you really want me to, I can edit this to what you want as it’s not that hard to edit SWEPs.

This swep is a little different. Ive used it but it dosnt have a working world model. It shows up on your feet. And when you set it as a world model it juts out of your stomach. Frankly all i need is a working world model on it and two copies of it with those names i asked for. It needs to have a working model. Oh and the way the swep is different is that it fires entities that have homing properties. The entities are shards of melons with a bright glow around it so its hard to tell its a melon. They home very good though besides friendly fire. All i really need is two copies of the gun with working world models and one named “Kukac” and one named “Prijatel”.

If some one were to do this it would be very much appreciated.

It’s really easy to do the lua part, if you want I could. But the model part isn’t as easy.

I can do the damage and weapon stats. All i need is two copies of the normal swep with the names i wanted, like for the names to show up as separate weapons. And i also need the models. I know that half-life renaissance reconstructed has a working model and world model, so i just need someone to set that for this pack. The world model is the most important thing though.