Modded ragdoll and guns issues

Hi guys, so while playing garrys mod, and downloading some mods off the workshop Ive came across two pretty irritating bugs. These bugs dont occur with all mods, but alot of them, and from many different authors, so thought it might be a problem on my end.
So, the first problem is that when I download an NPC, when I kill it, it sometimes doesnt fall into ragdoll like a normal death, but stands in the T pose with no collide.
My other problem is with some guns and weapons I download, I have very little ammo in it, sometimes none at all, and Im not sure how to get more.

Thanks guys, hope these problems can be resolved :slight_smile:

For the first one, check that keep corpses is on.
Second, bind a key to “givecurentammo” and it gives you 9999 ammo for that weapon.