Admin: Alex.

To join just search for that title or use

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InGame Settings
Crafting Speed - 1/4 Speed.
PVP/PVE - PVP Every day excluding Mondays.
Sleepers - OFF.
Fall Damage - OFF.
Airdrops - Regular.
Admin - Friendly And Active.
Time Mode - Mainly Day Time (When requested).

The following plugins for players are running OXIDE
Base Alarm
Base alarm alerts you when someone on the server destroys something youve placed, like a metal door or a Wood wall, You’ll get a message saying, “UserName” Is attacking your Base!" great for PVP servers and make those raids harder to happen and lets the bloodbath spill.
Door Share
Door share is exactly what you think it is, you can share a door with anyone in your server, it also bypasses the code, to stop hassling with manually entering codes for every door, just use /share “User Name” or /unshare “User Name” to stop sharing the door
FPS Booster is a favourite among my current list of players, it simply gets rid of all the intensity of the game to make it smoother, this is enabled by using /fpsboost and to disable /fpsoff its that simple! I guarantee you’ll see a difference.
Groups is basically a clan plugin, you can make or join a growing clan in the server, the benefit of joining a clan is you cannot accidentally kill each other, and in the chat it will come up with your personalized clan tag, which will let you put your mark in the server. to use just enter /gcreate “ClanName” to make a clan or /ginvite “User Name” to invite a newcomer to the clan, and if things aren’t going well in the clan you can always use /gleave.
Kits is a fairly popular must-need plugin, in here it features a starter kit that offers, a stone hatchet, 10 cooked chicken, Cloth pants and a wood shelter, theres also a hatchet pack, which gives you a metal hatchet, to redeem these just use /kit starter or /kit hatchet, its that easy!
List and Who
using /list shows you what users are online /who shows how many people are online
basically TPA is teleport to a friend, you get 3 tokens every 2 weeks, 1 token goes for each teleport request, so make sure you use them wisely, currently TPA doesnt work with players that have a Steam clantag. to activate TPA all you need to do is use /tp “username” and if someone requests to teleport to you, and you want to accept just use /tpaccept.

There are also plugins that help players but they cannot use them,
Anti Decay is basically exactly what it says, It currently doesnt work with Large Spike Walls, but fix is coming soon, but it stops decay on walls and doors, and everything else!
Nudity on is not for the faint of heart, it is however for people that want originality, or want to laugh immaturely. This plugin removes pants on New Spawns so you can see their giblets and man sausage, it also removes the banner from the top right of the screen. thats simply it!
These two plugins tell you in the chat when someone has commited suicide, or has been killed by a fellow player, telling you how they’ve been killed and who by, AutoMessage simply displays helpful information for players, like commands, and Admin communication.
any questions just ask at the bottom!


Sweet server friendly too!

  • OrangeQuack
    Awesome server! The best I’ve joined so far and the admin is active, and will help you out. You also don’t die straight away which is a positive over any other server I’ve played on!
  • ChinSack
    Fucking awesome server, friendly admin, rare loot, airdrops, my favorite server so far in Rust!
  • Zasico
    This server is awesome! I was one of the first players on it <3 friendly admin and everything:D love it :slight_smile:
  • MrMopdo
    A great server, with an amazing admin and kind players, most friendly. Admin will help anyone on his server, making life a lot easier and help people new. Hard to believe I found this server among the thousands, but I’m glad I did :slight_smile: Should definitely try it out, would benefit both beginners and pros.
  • junko142
    played rust since it was released on early access on steam,played on many servers and this is easily my favorite one!
    friendly admins and very friendly players who help each other out often,really creative buildings around the map
    all together a really enjoyable and fun server!
  • callum1
    Tried many servers on this game and this server seems to have the best balance. Many players just getting along and a few bandits to spice things up. Admin is friendly and helpful.
  • Hakran
    Great server, Friendly and helpful admin, alot of friendly players, good loot. Airdrops every now and then, best server i’ve been on, i started playing rust 4 days ago, and because of this server i cant play anything else than rust.
  • Rensawpwn
    Great server! Friendly and helpful admin and none of the lag you may experience on other servers, plus many friendly + noob friendly players to help along if you need any!
  • Greatscape12

One Other Thing!Player Startup building.
You can request to live inside a premade building for the first 3 days of gameplay, youll be provided a sleeping bag, metal door and access, plus your starter kit!

Must have over 25+ Hours with the server
Only a specific type of person will be accepted and only when a certain amount of daily players is reached, just because you have 25 hours with us does NOT mean you are automatically eligible for Admin.

Hey, I was interested in becoming an admin and found this link. I am wondering if that admin spot is still open? I am a very respectful man and I will not abuse I know what responsibility it is to become an admin and I think I would make a great admin. I am also active very often now.!

You still looking for admins?