Modded: [SLAW] [US DC] Oxide | Sleepers | 0.1 Craft

My friends and I played on 10 different servers and we got sick of hacks and admins, even with issues on the main server. Finally, I just figured we could do it better. We’re using the Oxide Mod mainly for the starter kits, economy, and teleports aspect. Crafting Explosives is not allowed. We already have all been on and off for days. Only one admin has full admin powers and will not use them to help friends or abuse. The rest just have kick and ban powers.

In other words, sick of all the crap, douche admins, and hacks, F1 and net.connect

Based in Washington DC, frequent air drops, and admins will shorten nights. for our FB page

Nasty bug affecting all servers that will not allow a new foundation to be placed. The admin has given no channel with which to make contact, so taking a chance that you can reach him/her… According to the latest buzz. a server reboot would fix this issue. Is there some way you could relay this to admin so the instance can be restarted? We have been dealing with this for almost a week now.