Moddeling for Source games

Hey guys, i need a little bit of help.
I’m at the point of needing new models for my maps, and have been making simple props with blender but i now need more complex models and furniture.
I’m asking you, the experienced model designers for 2 answers.

  1. What program is the most optimal for making source props? Should I stick to blender?
  2. Are there any usefull tutorials for using the program and designing specifically for source.

Thanks in advanced guys.

Program wise, I see no problem in using blender for whatever you want to do.
If you’re comfortable with blender, then by all means keep going, as far as I can see it has pretty much the same important features as some of the more “heavy” programs.

As for tutorials, I can’t remember any specific ones. If you find a tutorial for a game model on something like it’ll apply to source.
All I can say is source doesn’t have any specific restrictions like the textures only using X amount of colours or not being able to compile models on a full moon.

Chances are, if you’ve made a model and it’s under 10,000 polygons it’ll work in source.
Also the maximum texture resolution is 2048x2048, but there aren’t many cases you need that.

Of course you’ll want the poly count to be as low as you can for optimizations sake. To put things in perspective, the HL2 Metrocop has under 4K polygons.

Alright, thanks mate!

Although i do have one question that you might or might not know about…
How does blender go about using multiple textures for one model? So only certain parts are UV wrapped to a certain image.

Coincidentally, someone else had the same question last night
Here’s the post I made there because It’d be a waste to type it out again

Alright, thanks for all your help man!
Now i just have to get back into Blender. :v:

So you have a model that requires more than one texture? Alright, lemme get started…

A model has been opened up, and I want it to have two textures rather than only have the currently applied…

I have pressed the tab button to go into edit mode, and selected the faces (or you can select vertices) I wanted to have a different texture…

I have opened an image, and it only applies it to what is selected…

I also made sure to UV unwrap it (you can unwrap it any way you want to, but if it already has a separate texture with correct UV mapping then it should come out just fine) to come out a bit cleaner…

I leave edit mode (hit tab again) and go into the materials tab, where I make two materials for the textures. Create one for each texture…

Right next to materials is the textures tab, in which you have to select the right material first and then go into the texture tab. Click on new, then make sure the new texture is specified as an image or movie. Open up one of the textures (it helps to do the one that’s more dominant than the other textures) and set the mapping to UV, making the layer as UVTex. Do this for each texture, but have one in each material…

Go back over to the materials and go into edit mode again. Click on the second material in the list and select the right vertices for it, clicking ‘Assign’ to finish it off.

… And there we have it, a model with more than one texture. I hope this helps, that cube was a whole lot (not really a lot) of work to do.

Thanks a lot man! That really helped me out there. Thanks so much for all your help.