modding and hacking

alright, i don’t understand some things. vac bans any modifying of game files, and i am guessing cheatpunch does the same, if not then the new anti cheat will. so how can someone do this??

Modding harmless content in is not the same as injecting wallhacks into your client. Source games have a well-tested and well-supported mechanism for adding custom user-made content for legitimate play.

Rust isn’t a Source game, and right now client-side modding is essentially unsupported. If you want to mod the client to do things, you’re on your own and you’re risking a cheatpunch/VAC ban. If, in the future, garry decides to encourage client modding (for user content, not cheats), a mechanism for safely loading these add-ons will be added to Rust.

Garry’s Mod uses VAC and you can add almost anything to it. This isn’t impossible, it’s just not something Rust is designed to allow right now.

Because it’s not even close to finished yet.

There are certain files you can modify, and certain files you can’t.

VAC detects whenever something tries to hook into a DLL and change something that wasn’t meant to be changed.
In that video, it seemed like a standard model replacement. By creating a model and placing it in the proper directory in a Source game, Source will use that model over the default one in the game. VAC won’t do anything about that.

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