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When somebody asks a decent question in this forum, spoon-feeding isn’t frowned upon?

I’m seeing a lot of it and in my eyes it doesn’t really help people learn, it just shuts them up. Until of course they
want to add something to their DarkRP servers.

I’m all for code demonstrations but there is a line between showing off code and trying to help.

It isn’t against the law to just give them a simple snippet for what they need if you happen to feel friendly.

I’m talking about people that are new to coding that ask questions.

New people will copy the code into their own scripts, if it works they probably won’t even read it.

As someone who is learning, and actually trying to learn, I am able to both agree and disagree with this.

Yes, a lot of people are probably just trying to get something done, and aren’t very interested in how it works.
Others learn by example, and actually study code snippets, and implement them in their code/ future code.

Usually I get a one or two word answer that leads me to google, which leads me to incomplete gm13 documentation, or outdated gm12 documentation, and a ton more questions. So I spend hours sifting through any addon that I think might use the code I need, sometimes finding an example, sometimes not.

I could be a lot more productive if someone who knew the answer, and was already at it writing a reply, would spend the extra 30 seconds to explain something rather than try to be witty or elusive about it.

Either way, I am grateful for anyones help, though. One word or a paragraph/ snippet.

Well, I’m very interested in learning…? Does that mean that I shouldn’t post a post to get help then??

You can very simply outline what a person should do without posting the entire code to do so, if people can’t put in effort into their own programs they shouldn’t be programming.

I want to help people learn, so in the future they can help themselves.

Like I said, code snippets are completely fine; you can learn from that. Posting the exact code they need so they can copy it isn’t fine.

I like to think we’re here to point you in the right direction, point out mistakes you might not see, etc

not write your code for you

By the way. What happened to the “What do you need help with”-thread? I can’t find it.

This forum is it.

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IMO if you feel like writing some code, go to the various wiki pages the person needs to look at to write it themselves and give each one an example. That way you help everyone.